The Actes du Gerpisa

Quarterly international review of Gerpisa. It groups together around a subject the communications presented by the members of the network during the various working meetings and international colloquiums.

Edited by the CCFA, the Actes of Gerpisa have a circulation of 650.

Director of publication : Bernard Jullien

Conception : Carole Troussier, Tommaso Pardi

Edited by the C.C.F.A. (Comité des Constructeurs Français d'Automobiles)


GERPISA Réseau International.
École Normale Supérieure de Paris-Saclay 
4 Avenue des Sciences, 
91190 Gif-sur-Yvette

Editorial Board

The Actes starting from the N° 41 are available below. The older Actes will be added here as soon as possible. However you can still access them here on the basis of the content of our old site -

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