Reconfiguration of the value chains: old and new actors in the automobile system

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa Colloquium, Paris (2011)


après-vente, demande, demande verte, distribution, mode de croissance


The assumption made before the crisis was that the development of the car industries’sustainability requires a rupture or a ‘revolution’:

– Probably less for ecological reasons...
– ...than for economic and geopolitical ones.

• Oil prices will increase because the demand from BRIC markets will grow.
• BRIC’s access to automobiles requires alternative energies.
• BRIC’s car industries’actors may perceive the constraint as an opportunity to contest the dominant position of incumbent firms.
• Reversely : the new landscape building around the triad BRIC/New products/New engines is an opportunity to rebuild the status quo of car industries, car expenses and car uses in developed countries.

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