Institutionalization of Environmental Innovation; Emissions standards and R&D Management in the heavy vehicle industry

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Karkow (2012)


Emissions Regulation, Environmental Innovations, heavy vehicles, R&D Management, Technology Management


This study aims to understand the institutionalization process of environmental innovation by identifying different actors, their roles and interactions within the institutional environment they are embedded in as well as implications on innovation and technological development of the firms in the heavy vehicle industry within Europe. The distinction between this study and the conventional firm-level theories on innovation is its inclusive approach that comprises not only firms and their innovation and technology development strategies but also a wider perspective on interactions among actors, the institutional settings for environmental innovation as well as industry dynamics into account. The outcome is thus a more comprehensive perspective of the activities and competencies needed for successful environmental innovation process that could be useful for the firms as well as policy makers in the future regulation of greenhouse gas emissions.

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