ELECTRICITY, VERSATILITY AND CONNECTIVITY: Users’ collaborative innovation in the Brazilian Fiat Mio

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Paris (2013)


collaborative innovation, electric car, Open innovation


This paper analyses the innovative impacts of the Fiat Mio project on Fiat Automoveis, the Brazilian branch of the Italian company, through a study used of the Fiat Mio Project, a conceptual car projected and built by Fiat Automoveis and Click/Isobar in an environment of open innovation with participation of internet users. Through in-depth interviews with executives from both companies, and secondary data, a case study was carried out in order to verify if and which elements of the conceptual project “stuck” to regular activities of Fiat Automoveis. The main elements demanded by the participants and incorporated to the conceptual car were electricity, versatility and connectivity.
Evidence suggests that many features in Fiat Automoveis commercial vehicles were added as result of this project. Furthermore, the ideas generated by Fiat Mio Project were used by the Brazilian Fiat’s PD department as a roadmap for its research plans.

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