Growth Strategies of the Mega Auto Part Suppliers in Japan- A comparison of Denso and HAMS-

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


Jaeho Lee


Gerpisa colloquium, Lee, Jaeho, Puebla (2016)


Auto Part Supplier, Growth Strategy, Strategy Cup model


This study aims to investigate how the trajectories of Japanese large sized suppliers’ strategies differ depending on capital relationships, from the perspectives of the customer, the product, and the core competence. In this study I compared Denso who is a capital Keiretsu supplier with Hitachi Automotive Systems (HAMS) who is an independent supplier in the multiple field of auto parts, in terms of the growth strategy three axes; product, market, and core competence.I focused on these two companies’ R&D of automatic brake system. As a result, I found that Denso is successful in terms of economy of customer scope, on the contrary HAMS is more dynamic in the new combination oriented innovation.

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