Ecodesign Practices in Heavyweight Vehicle Development – A Case Study of the Impact of the Euro 5 emissions standard on the Brazilian Industry

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Puebla (2016)


The aim of this article is to investigate how practices such as ecodesign and green product development are being adopted by a truck manufacturer located in São Paulo and its engine supplier and what role incentive public policies or regulations play in this behavior. Laws and regulations have increasingly mandated the commercial vehicle and truck market to ensure that its products reduce their environmental impacts. This study shows that in addition to meeting the standards and legislation, the automaker uses ecodesign practices during the development cycle of products, such as a design for eliminating harmful and hazardous materials, a project that allows recycling, the reuse of parts, and energy efficiency, reducing the environmental impact. However, without the existence of the standard, products with lower environmental impacts would hardly be developed.

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