Developing business models for sustainable urban mobility: conceptual framework and evidence from Brazilian case studies

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, São Paulo (2018)


business models, sustainable business models, Sustainable urban mobility


Given the growing interest of various actors in society in developing new business models for urban mobility - expanding frontiers previously dominated exclusively by the automotive industry players - this research aims to develop and assess a conceptual framework of how organizations and practitioners, through their business models, may promote sustainable urban mobility oriented initiatives. In this sense, the following research question is pursued: which aspects characterize the development of business models oriented to sustainable urban mobility? Initially, the research defined which aspects characterize a sustainable business model in the context of urban mobility, since it has been little discussed in a comprehensive way in literature, resulting in a conceptual framework based on an intersection analysis between sustainable urban mobility and sustainable business models literature. This conceptual framework, organized in two dimensions, established typologies of sustainable business models in urban mobility - first dimension - as well as aspects that characterize these business models transversely - second dimension. This framework was assessed by multiple cases studies composed of six business models developed in Brazil, aiming to verify its pertinence. The empirical research confirmed some of the propositions and identified other relevant variables that need to be considered in the development of business models in sustainable urban mobility context, as well as contextual barriers related to its progress, contributing directly to the formulation of public policies and to practitioners interested in elaborating business initiative in this field.

Keywords: sustainable urban mobility; sustainable business models; business models.

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