2020: the year the EV must take off

Not queuing for take off

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In their report submitted in February 2019, Xavier Mosquet and Patrick Pelata considered that it was urgent, in order to "make France a leader in low-emission vehicles", to "create strong momentum to develop the electrified vehicle market": In the light of the emission curves for 2017 and 2018 and knowing the CAFE targets defined by the EU for 2020 and 2021, the roughly 30,000 battery EVs and 14,500 rechargeable hybrids registered in France in 2018 were not enough and it was essential, in their opinion, that from 2019 onwards, both firms and public authorities should be strongly mobilised.
At the end of 2019, in terms of registration figures, the effect is not very significant since, at the end of December, electric vehicles accounted for 42,800 (1.9% market share) and rechargeable hybrids for 18,600 (0.81%): manufacturers have waited until 2020 to launch their offers so that their EV registrations - which will double this year and then be affected in 2021 by a coefficient of 1.67 and in 2022 by 1.33 - will effectively take them out of the red zone in which de-dieselisation has put them.
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2020 : l’année où l’électrique doit décoller

Not queuing for take off
Dans leur rapport remis en février 2019Xavier Mosquet et Patrick Pelata considéraient qu’il était urgent pour "faire de la France un pays leader des véhicules à faible émission" de "créer un momentum fort pour développer le marché des véhicules électrifiés" : devant les courbes d’évolution des émissions en 2017 et 2018 et connaissant les cibles CAFE définies par l’UE pour 2020 et 2021, les quelques 30 000 VP électriques à batterie et 14 500 hybrides rechargeables immatriculés en France en 2018 étaient insuffisants et il était essentiel, de leur  point de vue, que dès 2019, la mobilisation soit forte côté entreprises comme côté pouvoirs publics.
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