The automotive industry faces a paradigm shift

Donada, C., & Fournier G. (2014).  The automotive industry faces a paradigm shift. Gerpisa colloquium.

The automotive industry faces a paradigm shift

The automotive industry faces a paradigm shift: The demands are not solely directed towards the purchase of a particular automobile product any more but towards new forms of mobility. These forms of mobility are planned to be cheaper, 2.0, low-carbon, intermodal and collaborative. The customer and the satisfaction of his/her mobility needs come in the focus of interest and brings up the necessity of a holistic approach. New leaders of the value chain (shapers) will emerge to satisfy these needs. The shapers will be able to combine bicycles, scooter, cars or trains into a one face to the customer mobility service and trigger new and innovative business models with an added value for the customer. To provide this service the shaper will be in need of associate partners from the automotive industry, IT, telecom, utilities and mobility service provider for e.g. car-sharing or railway companies.

These partners will be part of the new ecosystem and add value to the extended value chain as adapters. Auspicious examples for similar innovative business models can be seen in the digital economy where products and services are bundled and offered as a system to consumers. read more

The new mobility paradigm – transformation of value chain and business models

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