Nikos Markogiannakis, University of Vienna & Berlin School of Economics and Law

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PhD candidate (pending)
University of Vienna & Berlin School of Economics and Law
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My PhD will start on April 2023. At the moment I am doing intependent research and looking for new interesting career opportunities.
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Sciences politiques

Research subjects

Main subject

My main subject of interest is the Logistics Revolution and how it shaped the world since the 70s-80s.

In a similar way I am interested in approaching global production and consumption networks in the terms of the Global Value Chains framework.

At the moment I am interested in the current multiple crisis of the GVCs and I wonder in which way different industries (e.g. Automotive Industry) are going to deal with the new challenges.

Secondary subjects

I am interested in Socio-Ecological Transformation and Ecological Economics.

Thus for example I am interested in the changes in material flows globally due to the Global Value Chains, and I wonder what is the most sustainable way (socially and ecologically) to organize the global economy.

I am therefore interested in deepening my knowledge and skills in:
- Input-Output Analysis
- Material Flow Analysis
- developing frameworks to address the contradiction between social and environmental justice.


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25 weeks 3 days

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