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Strategy Int. Business and OHRM


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Warwick Business School
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Sciences de gestion
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This project is a study of work, employment and organisational practices adopted by Japanese automotive multinational firms in Indonesia. Its aim is to develop an understanding of the nature of the work and employment policies and practices of J-MNCs operating in Indonesia, against a backdrop of fundamental institutional change in Japan and institutional fluidity in Indonesia since the 1990s. The study also examines the conditions/capacity for change, and analyses Indonesia’s transformation. The primary topics of the three-paper format of this project are: (1) home-country effects; (2) host-country effects; and (3) interactions between the two—home- and host-country effects on the work and employment practices of J-MNCs in Indonesia, and how the practices of J-MNCs have an impact on Indonesia’s institutional context. This empirical research focuses on socioeconomic differences between Japan and Indonesia in relation to the employment practices of multinational corporations based on a case study approach in Japan and Indonesia.


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