Benefits and difficulties when adopting modularity: results from a survey in the Brazilian automotive industry

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Paris (2013)


modular production; automotive industry; Brazil., modularity; modular design


The purpose of this work is to identify and analyze the aspects of modular strategies used by automotive industry companies in Brazil. In order do so, a survey has been carried out through questionnaires sent to about 350 Brazilian automotive companies, with response rate of nearly 14%. Results show that most of the investigated firms adopt and have some level of experience with the use of modularity strategy. Automakers’ main difficulties relate to finding capable suppliers. Meanwhile, suppliers have difficulties when it comes to meeting automakers’ demands on modular design and manufacturing. Most of the automakers’ benefits in adopting modularity are related to outsourcing, as it occurs with the transference of fixed costs. For suppliers, the main benefit is the liaison increase with customers by means of exclusive supply and development of new organizational capabilities.

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