Production models and strategies, new and traditional players: between incremental and disruptive innovation

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This year’s theme relates directly to production models and related topics. Who produces what? How will the new technologies and services in the automotive industry impact the value chains? For example, some OEMs are launching vehicle platforms that are exclusively dedicated to the production of electric cars. How does that, or the arrival of new players, alter the balance of power between assemblers and suppliers? How will it change the production models of existing industry participants? What impacts are there in manufacturing processes? How will the changes affect the structure and organization of R&D in this industry?
Where will economic activities in this industry take place? Will the arrival of new players and a different set of technological capabilities alter the existing footprint of this industry? We also need to think about political events (such as Brexit and the NAFTA renegotiations) and their likely impacts on the value chains in this industry. How will supply chains respond to possible new trade barriers?
Papers addressing these aspects of the arrival of new technologies and services in the auto industry around the world are welcome. 

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