Employment relationships and the crisis: two cases studies in the automotive industry extracted from the French Accords d’entreprises sur la GPEC: réalités et stratégies de mises en œuvre Project

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Paris (2013)


The Accords d’entreprises sur la GPEC : réalités et stratégies de mises en œuvre Project, conducted for the French Directorate for Research, Studies, and Statistics (Dares, the ministerial statistical office for Labour and Employment), has been held over 2 years and has ended in October 2012. This project proposed to study the effects of the 3-year mandatory bargaining of the GPEC: "Human Resource Planning" (HRP) ou "manpower planning" ou encore "strategic workforce planning" (GPEC, or Gestion prévisionnelle de l’emploi et des compétences) agreements that has been instituted by the 2005 French Law on social cohesion for enterprises with more than 300 employees. Mainly based on interviews with members of the Business Management and trade unions, the project has led to the achievement of 12 monographs and one synthesis report, based on the effects of the Law on the devices of GPEC inside the firms, in particular in terms of business strategy, of human resources management and of social dialogue.

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