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  1. Acerbi, B., & Russo M. (2023) Do battery trade shows reveal a changing pattern in the automotive transition? An empirical analyisis of the dynamic attendance rate Gerpisa colloquium.
  2. Alkire, K. (2023) The Emerging Closed-Loop Automotive Battery Supply Chain in the United States Gerpisa colloquium.
  3. Alochet, M., Duffie J. P. M., & Midler C. (2023) Mobility Services and Vehicle-as-Platform: How Disruptive to Product and Industry Architecture? Gerpisa colloquium.
  4. Alochet, M., & Midler C. (2023) When regulations shape the future of an industry, the case of the high voltage battery Gerpisa colloquium.
  5. Baba, T. (2023) Resilient and Sustainable Operations: Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic Gerpisa colloquium.
  6. Barassa, E., Consoni F. L., Moraes H. B., Cruz R., & Ludwig M. A. (2023) Paving the way for electric mobility in Brazil: the construction of the National Roadmap for Infrastructure as a driver for the market, policies and new technologies Gerpisa colloquium.
  7. Becker, T., & Russo M. (2023) Complexity and Specialization in Clusters of European Automotive Regions: Mapping the Potential in Electric Transition Gerpisa colloquium.
  8. Beltrametti, L. (2023) Policies supporting demand for electric vehicles in Europe Gerpisa colloquium.
  9. Boavida, N., & Moniz A. (2023) Value chain transitions towards automotive industry electrification: impacts in Portugal Gerpisa colloquium.
  10. Bozzola, C., O'Sullivan E., & Anzolin G. (2023) Value chain ecosystems in transition: reconfiguration of capabilities in the automotive sector Gerpisa colloquium.
  11. Bubbico, D. (2023) Industrial policies to support automotive sector at national and European Union level: which forms of governance? Gerpisa colloquium.
  12. Bungsche, H. (2023) “From Automobile Industry to Mobility Industry? TOYOTA and Japan’s automobile industry and mobility policies”. Gerpisa colloquium.
  13. Cabral, V. M., Vallejo B., & Mordue G. (2023) Supply chain resilience under long-term external shocks: the case of an international first-tier automotive supplier in Mexico Gerpisa colloquium.
  14. Calabrese, G. G., Falavigna G., & Ippolitii R. (2023) Innovation policy and industry 4.0: new evidence from the Italian automotive supply chain Gerpisa colloquium.
  15. Candeias, M., & Moniz A. (2023) Will AI in the automotive sector be a challenge to the product electrification? Which consequences for labour in Portugal? Gerpisa colloquium.
  16. Carrillo, J. (2023) A new innovation ecosystem? Cooperation between companies for the new automotive mobility Gerpisa colloquium.
  17. Carrillo, J., Martinez A. M., Lopez O., & Diaz M. (2023) The automotive sector in Mexico. The impact of automation and digitalization on employment. Gerpisa colloquium.
  18. Cetrulo, A., Dosi G., Moro A., Nalli L., & Virgillito M. E. (2023) Automation, digitalization and decarbonization in the European automotive sector Gerpisa colloquium.
  19. Collodoro, C., & Virgillito M. E. (2023) Financial Ownership in the Automotive Industry: Impact on the Firm-Level Wage Share. Gerpisa colloquium.
  20. Covarrubias, A. V. (2023) Mexico as the unlikely winner in the auto sector. A review of firm localization strategies and labor relations transitions theories. Gerpisa colloquium.
  21. Czirfusz, M. (2023) Hungary's alternative low-road model for the integration in the European battery value chain Gerpisa colloquium.
  22. Di Maria, E. (2023) Industrial policies to support automotive competitiveness: a cross-country comparison Gerpisa colloquium.
  23. Domanski, B., Guzik R., & Gwosdz K. (2023) A threat or a window of opportunity? Poland in the face of transition towards electromobiity Gerpisa colloquium.
  24. Dziczek, K. (2023) Will the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act’s Clean Vehicle and Manufacturing Subsidies Substantially Alter Light Vehicle Production and Supply Chain Decisions? Gerpisa colloquium.
  25. Flori, E., Caruso G., Pattarin F., & Solinas G. (2023) The Evolution of Global Value Chains in the Automotive Industry Gerpisa colloquium.
  26. Frigant, V., Sauve H., & Dimitrova Z. (2023) Mapping an extensive Technological Innovation System perimeter using Technology Intelligence: An Application to Hydrogen vehicles Gerpisa colloquium.
  27. Fu, H. (2023) Powering Up Electric Vehicles in China: The Role of Non-fiscal Incentives in Promoting Electric Vehicle Adoption amid Declining Fiscal Subsidies Gerpisa colloquium.
  28. Gaddi, M. (2023) Between ecological transition and lack of industrial policies: the Italian case Gerpisa colloquium.
  29. Galgoczi, B. (2023) On the way to electromobility – a green(er) but more unequal future? Gerpisa colloquium.
  30. Gažo, P. (2023) Automotive Workers in the Era of Just Transition Gerpisa colloquium.
  31. Ghafs, Z. (2023) Exploring the Evolution of the Automotive Ecosystem in Morocco: Insights from Semi-Structured Interviews Gerpisa colloquium.
  32. Heim, S. (2023) The Electrification of the Japanese Automotive Industry: Preliminary Results on the Reshaping of the Fordist Wage-Labor Regime Gerpisa colloquium.
  33. Hrubý, M., & Šaroch S. (2023) Economic Regulation Contra Increasing Returns and Path Dependence in the Automotive Industry: A Story of EU and China Gerpisa colloquium.
  34. Jaderná, E., & Štrach P. (2023) Understanding Drivers and Barriers of Czech Consumers for Purchasing New Energy Vehicles Gerpisa colloquium.
  35. Jeppe, A., Eickhoff M., Kraus L., & Proff H. (2023) Economic potential of second-life applications of car batteries for solar storage in Brazil to secure energy supply Gerpisa colloquium.
  36. Jetin, B. (2023) Electric batteries and critical materials dependency: a geopolitical analysis of the USA and the European Union Gerpisa colloquium.
  37. Klebaner, S. (2023) Transition of the automotive industry to an ecological mobility industry: the french case Gerpisa colloquium.
  38. Klier, T., & Rubenstein J. (2023) From ICE to EV Production in Europe: Industry Geography in Transition Gerpisa colloquium.
  39. Kuyo, A. (2023) The battery Rules of Origins in the UK-EU TCA : the great delusion? Gerpisa colloquium.
  40. Lechowski, G., & Zimmerman T. (2023) EU regulation of the electric battery sector: market shaping between geopolitics, sustainability, and the variety of business interests Gerpisa colloquium.
  41. Lee, J. (2023) Development Process of Automobile Scrapping and Recycling System in South Korea and its Response to Electrification Gerpisa colloquium. Lee, Jaeho
  42. Luethje, B. (2023) Foxconnization of Car Manufacturing? Production Models and Labor Relations in the EV Industry in China Gerpisa colloquium.
  43. Martišková, M. (2023) Do policies in the CEE region efficiently target emissions reduction in the transport sector? Consequences for mobility accessibility, public transport development and mobility poverty Gerpisa colloquium.
  44. Maselli Filho, M., Marx R., Mello A. M., juliano Pelegrina, & Valsecchi J. (2023) Life Cycle Assesment of Battery Electric and Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles: Case Studies Considering Multiple Factors Gerpisa colloquium.
  45. Monaco, L., & Simon H. (2023) Protecting Human and Environmental Rights in the Auto Supply Chain: the new German Due Diligence Law seen from Africa Gerpisa colloquium.
  46. Moure, H. P., Lampón J. F., & Cabanelas P. (2023) The Trends in Mobility’s New Business Models. A Case Study Applied to Automobile Manufacturers. Gerpisa colloquium 2023.
  47. Naranjo Bejarano, C. (2023) EV transition in the Japanese automotive industry in Mexico: The case of Nidec Corporation Gerpisa colloquium.
  48. Novaresio, A. (2023) The greening of the European automotive industry and its labor effects: an empirical analysis Gerpisa colloquium.
  49. Novaresio, A. (2023) Innovation dynamics in the European automotive industry: the Schumpeterian role of car trade in the supply chain Gerpisa colloquium.
  50. Oliveira Filho, A. A., Consoni F. L., Rodríguez L. T. B., Rissi G. F., & Jordão E. (2023) Transition to electric mobility in Brazil: institutional development and advancement of new technology in the state of São Paulo Gerpisa colloquium.

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