Chinese Automotive Production: Clustered or Dispersed?

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Paris (2017)


China is both the world's largest automotive market and the largest producer. At present production is dispersed, with assemblers in virtually every part of the country, from Urumqi in the arid northwest, to Manchuria in the northeast, and the island of Hainan in the southeast. Most sales however remain in the densely populated eastern provinces. That structure is inconsistent with the nature of logistics and production in the industry, which the work of Thomas Klier and James Rubenstein has shown led to the emergence of distinct clusters – an automotive alley or corridor – in both NAFTA and Europe. My hypothesis is that an incipient "auto valley" is arising in the lower Yangtze River region centered on Shanghai. This project will use industry yearbooks and handbooks (such as the 中国汽车工业企事业单位信息大全) that provide information on assemblers and several hundred suppliers to develop an initial mapping of the industry's geography.

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