Geely Drives Out. The Rise of the New Chinese Automaker in the Global landscape

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Gerpisa colloquium, world scientific, Paris (2021)


The presentation is based on the book “Geely Drives Out. The Rise of the New Chinese Automaker in the Global landscape”, by Hua Wang, Giovanni Balcet and Wenxian Zhang, World Scientific, 2021.
Since 2008, while the global automotive manufacturing has been faltering, the Chinese auto industry has been swiftly transformed into the largest producer in the world. The growth of the Chinese automakers is a close reflection of the Chinese manufacturing economy, and Geely Auto is one such best example.
This book closely examines the rise of Geely as a privately-owned automaker in China. From its humble beginning as a refrigerator component maker and motorcycle manufacturer in the late twentieth century, Geely has grown to become not only a top selling national brand in China, the largest auto market in the world, but also a significant player in the global automotive industry. The book studies the successful acquisition of Volvo, within a long-term framework of asset-seeking foreign direct investment, and then further investigates its recent strategic initiatives with Daimler, London Taxi, Proton and Lotus.
The book reveals how the little-known carmaker is worth close examination, via its product development, organizational dynamics, corporate culture, brand development, talent and cross-cultural management strategies, as well as the entrepreneurship of its visionary founder Shufu Li. From catching up in technology to a leader in product, service and business model innovations, Geely has driven out as a new Chinese automaker on the world stage. Facing challenges in clean energy and internet of things, artificial intelligence, new user’s experience towards smart and mobility solution, Geely will continue to play an increasingly important role in the globalization age of the twenty-first century.



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