The Argentine Automotive Industry after the Convertibility Crisis: the Exceptionality of the Toyota Case (2002-2019)

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Detroit (2022)


Automotive industry - Argentina and Brazil and Mexico, Global Value Chain (GVC), International Trade, Toyota Group


The present paper aims to analyze the trajectory of the Toyota Motor Corporation Argentinian subsidiary in the context of the automotive sector problems after the 2001/2002 economic crisis. To this goal, the main trends of the global, regional and local automotive industry are described, focusing on the difficulties and constraints of the Argentinian sector in the first decades of the present century. Then, a comparison of the economic performances of the different automakers based in the country is carried out in order to understand the exceptionality of the Toyota Argentina case. The examination is conducted on the basis of the survey of the specialized bibliography and the analysis of several databases through descriptive statistic. The results of the study show that the case of Toyota stands out for its positive performance in most of the aspects analyzed, highlighting among these the features of its international insertion.


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