Lorenza Monaco, UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose

Monaco, L. (2021).  BALCET, WANG, ZHANG - New trends and strategies of Chinese carmakers: the case of Geely. Report of the Gerpisa monthly seminar.

Giovanni Balcet, Université de Turin

Hua WANG, école de commerce Emlyon

Wenxian ZHANG, professeur et faculté d'études asiatiques, Collège des arts libéraux, Collège Rollins

Monaco, L. (2021).  The Battery Industry in China. Report of the Gerpisa monthly seminar.

Stéphane Heim, Kyoto University
Xieshu Wang, CEPN, Université Paris 13
Wei ZHAO, ESSCA School of Management

Monaco, L. (2021).  Can the energy transition be a lever for the reindustrialisation of France?. Report on Gerpisa seminar.

Nicolas Meilhan, France Stratégie

Monaco, L. (2021).  Doner, Noble, Ravenhill - The Political Economy of Automotive Industrialization in East Asia. Report of the Gerpisa monthly seminar.

Doner, Richard F., Goodrich C. White Professor Emeritus, Emory University
Noble, Gregory W., University of tokyo
Ravenhill, John, University of Waterloo

Barnes, J., Black A., & Monaco L. (2021).  Government Policy in Multinational-Dominated Global Value Chains - Structural Transformation within the South African Automotive Industry. Andreoni, A. Mondliwa, P. Roberts, S. Tregenna, F. (2021) (eds), Structural Transformation in South Africa – Sectors, Policies, Global Challenges. 100-119.
Monaco, L. (2021).  Hannah Johnston & Jamie Woodcock - UBER and the COVID crisis: business model, state regulation and social impact. Report of the Gerpisa monthly seminar.

Hannah Johnston, Northeastern University, Massachusetts
Jamie Woodcock, the Open University, UK

Monaco, L. (2021).  The Political Economy of Emission Standards: Politics, Business and the Making of Vehicle Emission Regulations in Sweden and Europe (1960-1980). Report of the Gerpisa monthly seminar.

Mattias Näsman, Umeå University Umeå University

Monaco, L. (2021).  Progressive Industrial Policy for Europe: Challenges and prospects for the European Automotive Sector. Report of the Gerpisa monthly seminar.

Julia Theresa Eder, Johannes Kepler University, Linz & FH BFI Vienna


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