COVID-19 transforms new auto parts manufacturing technology and value chain by changing Indonesian policy in ASEAN

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Paris (2021)


ASEAN, Automobile parts, foreign capital, Indonesia, Omnibus law 2021


It is a sign that the technological and value chain transformation of automobile-related companies in ASEAN, which can be seen from the implementation of the Indonesian omnibus law, will start in 2021.
By making major changes to business fields that were not previously open to foreign capital, there is a possibility that auto parts companies will flow in from other ASEAN countries near future.
Other than the auto parts companies that are already developing business in Thailand etc., they are looking to the future for business in Indonesia. (Manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries, PET film applied to sheets, etc.)
This survey shows the impact of COVID-19's new policy on Indonesia in Asia on employment.
This is a study of the effects of individual business feasibility by foreseeing the trends of new entrants to the production and distribution of automobile parts and ASEAN.


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